Belated Friday Fun: Eating whale

Writing a 150,000 word novel sounds like a task meant for Hercules. Crafting a work of genius in storytelling is not easy. From the initial spark of idea, to writing, revision, editing, more editing, and publishing, the job of writing a novel can be intimidating.

But how do you eat a whale? One bite at a time.

Set goals into ‘nibbles’ where you reach word counts or a number of pages each day or per week.  Strive to finish a chapter by a certain date, or set a time to start revising your work. Allow yourself setbacks and shifting the goal if this is your first time.

Push yourself. One of the things I learned through the NaNoWriMo (50,000 words in 30 days) is by pushing yourself, you learn more about yourself, as a person and as a writer. You find you can reach goals, or write more than you think you can. You might realize that the fear of failure isn’t so bad. It strips you of the comfort zone, and you explore the depths of the your skill.

Find help. Writing generally is a solitary activity, but I highly recommend finding a writer’s group or fellow writers that can help you along your journey. A writer friend understands things like writer’s block, or issues you face with plot or description. A worthy group also provides enthusiasm and encouragement when your own emotion might lag a bit.

Reward yourself. If you reach smaller, more reasonable goals, reward yourself with something. This not only rewards you but encourages you to work harder. Rewards can include a new journal, mug, day at the spa, chocolate (my favorite), a new book, etc.

You can do it! Post below your own methods in reaching goals, or comments on these ideas.


What does adventure mean to you? What thoughts and images does the word ‘adventure’ provoke? Can you think of adventures you’ve had, or do you find your mind wandering to future adventures?


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