Wednesday Writer: Bloggers


Writers need to blog, to touch base with readers and potential agents, and to reach out to the world on a global scale. In short- you need a blog.

So also consider that blogging, like any genre, carries a number of ‘rules’ you should adhere;

Be mindful of your punctuation and spelling. How can you expect someone who reads your blog to take you seriously as a writer if you slack off? Show off your writing skills in your blog.

Add a page that showcases your writing. This allows visitors to view what you’ve done or plan on publishing. Don’t forget to add link backs to where visitors can order/download your writing

Share links with other blogs. As a marketing tip, linking to another person’s blog who reciprocates provides a number of new visitors to your site.

Answer comments. This let’s visitors engage you as a writer, to ask questions, and to share comments. Even a simple ‘thank you for your comment’ helps build relationships to your potential fanbase.

And check out other blogs. Here is Top 10 Blog Writers of 2010/2011 you should be reading..


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