The Adventure


I remember, as a kid, imagination offered a number of adventures in the backyard.

A fierce battle with ‘the enemy’, armed with stick guns and a child’s courage won the war against my father and sisters. A rope swing became a thick vine over the Amazon river, rife with man-eating piranha. A walk through an old graveyard offered the possibility of zombies rising from the sunken earth to grab toes.

My imagination was a powerful tool, so powerful in fact that in a game of ‘hunt-monster’ with my father, I clobbered him in the head with a flashlight in my panic. I swear he appeared as some creature, lunging from the dark closet to swallow my soul!

Such sense of play and possibilities offers a writer the same adventure, but in storytelling. Instead of acting out, I get to write out scenes in vivid detail of terror and delight.

Consider a writing assignment by taking a game you played as a child, but writing it as though it did, in fact, occur as your imagination played out the story. See what happens.

Use the picture blow to write a scene that explains it, or leads up to it. Who is she talking to? What is saying? Why the gun?


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