Fear of the dreaded critique

tumblr_ly2oalpbhZ1qbe9rxo1_400Offering someone to read your stuff in the hope of good review can be a frightful, unnerving experience. A story is an extension of one’s soul, having bubbles up from the creative well, as well as marking skill to the written word.

Some fears stem from;

They will say your writing sucks. I think many writers fear that statement, as if a single piece of feedback can undo years of writing enjoyment. Trust me when I say, some of the ‘great writers’ got such rejections. Maybe not put in such bluntness, but nevertheless a statement where they should consider another profession. Even so, sucky writing can improve with editing and revision.

If you’re getting feedback questioning your writing skills- DO NOT GIVE UP! If you want to achieve your goal, then you need to realize you need to learn more about how to learn the writing skills needed for a good story.

Some fear the editing process. Some authors dislike the idea of having to make changes, sometimes multiple changes, to their story. Some may like it ‘as is’, but if you get a number of critiques that say something needs work, take heed to that advice.

Editing helps a writer polish the story. You can remove those ‘has, is’, was’ verbs to find stronger, more eloquent verbs, or add description to a character, depth the story, or revise entire section to help the story flow better.

Although this process can be overwhelming, keep in mind that you take it in steps and sections. Don’t think of the whole process. Take it one day at a time.

Remember, it is all about telling a story. As much as I often correct grammar, I still realize that ultimately, any story is about the characters and plot. Grammar/punctuation help the reader enjoy the process of reading, while the plot, characters, and theme carries them along the adventure.


2 Replies to “Fear of the dreaded critique”

  1. I like this topic because I can relate. Years (and years) ago, I tried a writer’s group. One person there promptly flicked back my single sheet of written prose and said, “This sucks.” Just what you said we fear, right? It took me some years to get up the courage to try again, and I joined a local writer’s critique group. It’s been amazing. I’ve taken their much more constructive advice (than that first group), and my writing has grown immensely. I’m so happy I didn’t give up. People have to remember that critiquing is good, but it must be done constructively, not destructively. Thank you for this thoughtful post about writing.


    1. I literally cringed when I read someone saying your writing ‘that sucks’. Omg, that is like a knife in the heart, isn’t it? I’m glad you found another group, and better experiences!
      Thanks for the comment!


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