Twists to tales and history

vampireI watched the movie preview for the flick “Abraham Lincoln; Vampire Hunter” and thought it was a joke. I looked up information and discovered its based on a book by Seth Graheme-Smith of the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies fame.

I find it oddly appealing mixing history and fiction. See it for yourself;

Movies, comics, and other media are still about the storytelling. Its about characters facing conflict and working through that conflict. Its tugging the viewer/reader along for the adventure, catching their attention, prodding their emotions, and entertaining them with the ultimate question….

What if…?
What if Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter? The answer sounds ludicrous but oddly compelling.

Writers must ask ourselves the ‘what if…?’ question for our own stories, and if you think about the many movies and stories out there, the list of questions is endless!

What if Dorothy of Wizard of Oz was the bad guy in the story and not the wicked witch of the west? What if you wrote a story from a slave’s point of view from Gone with the Wind? What if history’s Rasptutin was a vampire? What if the Civil War ended with the US split?

The questions are endless.


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