Sunday Musings- Autocorrect

Auto correct is a funny function in word processing. It won’t recognize created words for fiction stories, and I often these made up words and names to my dictionary just so I don’t see that red underline.

It comes in handy when I misspell or even forget a character’s name, but this function backfires if I ‘accidently’ add a misspelled word to the dictionary without intending to.

This happened with the word ‘the’. I typed it ‘hte’ and when using the spell correct, I hit ‘add to dictionary’ instead. Argh!

Alas, fear not, you can still fix this. Any word you add to the dictionary can be deleted.

In MS Word: (In 2003 version but I’m certain the instructions might be similar in other versions)

-Go to TOOLS then click OPTIONS


-Click the ‘dictionaries’ button. This will open up a window that will show CUSTOM.DIC.

– Click the EDIT button. This opens a text document that lists all the word in your dictionary. All you do is find the misspelled word or word you want removed, and hit ‘save’ afterwards.

The key is finding the dictionary file and editing that file. You can even add new dictionaries such as a medical dictionary (if you’re a medical transcriber).

Hope you enjoy the tip. (And in case you didn’t know, I misspelled the word ‘misspell’ twice when typing this…but the spellchecker caught it….ugh!)


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