Roger J. Carlson- free handy macros for MS Word

aimageI mentioned this writer, Roger J. Carlson, more for his handy Macro files than writing, but he’s a writer, and therefore worthy of mention.

A few links are broken at his site, but its still well worth to visit to check out his page on Tech Tips, which includes Utilities for MS Word. They consist of highlighting the passive word, prepositions, adverb, and more. All are free.

A macro, if you don’t know, is helpful trick in word processing that speeds up processes you otherwise find tedious. For example, I use a macro in my journal to add the date, but also goals, and a place to jot down the weather. I do this with a simple click of Ctrl + HOME buttons.

More about Macros for MS Word.

If interested, let me know some ideas you’d like to see in the form of a macro that could speed up your work, as a writer. Post below.


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