A letter from my Inner Editor

Dear Frootbat31 (aka Sharon);

It has come to my attention your muse complains to the lack of fiction writing here of late. She blames me. I suppose I must take some credit, to the point of wanting quality work in timely fashion.

I do not feel asking you to maintain a level of quality is asking too much.  If I didn’t nag and point out those flaws, I cannot imagine how your writing will turn out. Your incessant habit of using the passive voice frustrates me to no end.

I realize, however, that getting that first draft is crucial to the writing process. In that, the Inner Muse is correct. She’s also right that you haven’t produced much in the way of fiction for the past few months, and that is also a concern of mine. I hope my occasional comment to the error or misspelling is not the cause.

As your inner editor, I’m afraid its not my job to coddle you. The Inner Muse is more than adequate to help you with that. I have the tough job in shaping your talent, such as it is.

If I back off a bit to give you room for that creative gibberish, I will do so, providing you promise I get to move in with my might red pen to correct, shape, and otherwise fix whatever problem you create.

I feel I’ll have all the more to critique, and am more than wiling to give you space.

Are we agreed then? Please respond in a timely fashion.

Your Inner Editor

PS- Do not tell the Inner Muse of my opinions of her. She’s overbearing as it is now.


Dear Inner Editor;

Yes, I would greatly appreciate if you back off while I’m in the creative process and I am more than happy to give you free rein in the editing process.

So as long as we all agree on our roles in this storycrafting process, I think I’ll be able to write better, and to write more.



PS I might have let something slip the other day talking to Inner Muse, just to give you a head’s up.


What would you tell your inner editor? What do you think the Inner Editor would say in response?


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