Some thoughts on success


I see success as something that takes effort and persistence, although to be fair some folks seem to be better at it than others. The attempt to try to succeed, without a safety net can be a harrowing ordeal, for instance.

But here are a few things I agree on the topic of success:

Success doesn’t happen on its own. Success takes some effort on your part, but also opportunities must be also be in place to take advantage of them. How to find those opportunities? Put yourself out there- meet people, go places (writer classes, workshops, or conventions). And be prepared for when those opportunities present themselves.

Success requires failure. This sounds like it goes against the concept of what success is about, but every great idea, great book, or whatever, took its turn at failing. Just look up the number of times the famous authors endured rejections. They could have just as easily quit then, but they didn’t. They showed persistence to find their goal.

Success can also be unexpected. In other words, you can find in success in goals you don’t even know you have in the first place. I never really thought of success in regards to my writer’s group, but its been going strong now for years, with members who enjoy and find the meetings offer them something of value- so that is a success of mine I never really set for myself.

Success comes easier if surrounded by encouraging people. It helps they are also successful, to help guide you along or set you back on course if you stray too far. You can find encouraging people in writer’s group, meetup groups, churches, community groups, etc.

Success often holds a different meaning to different people. For some, success ties into money and income or fame. Other people, writers specifically, might find success in completing a novel, publishing a short story or article, or gaining subscribers to their blog. Its up to you to define what success means to you.

What do you think? What does success mean to you? Do you follow the dictionary definition- a favorable outcome of something attempted- or does it have another meaning for you? What goals and success do you  hope to achieve as a writer?



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