Sunday Musings- Writing advice

adviceOne of my fellow writers in the meetup group posted this on our facebook page. The article is entitled “Ten bits of advice writers should stop giving to aspiring writers”.  I had to laugh with #2- “Show, don’t tell”.

The author makes a valid point “Like pretty much any three-word utterance it is oversimplified to the point of inaccuracy.” I agree. When you think about it, the advice of showing not telling does exactly that; TELLS you and doesn’t SHOW you. You must explain further to an aspiring writer what this means, especially when their writing clearly illustrates they have no concept of this idea.

I also like the “Revise, revise, revise” comment “Lots of people don’t revise and do just fine.”. This is another truth. I find many writers may need the redundant revision process, but I’ve also read stories that stood on the first draft as just fine. There’s such a thing as overthinking your writing too..

Most important when reading any advice by writers is to consider that all writers undergo their own process of authoring their work. Some require strict rules to live by while others find such confines hurts their creative process.

A great book to read is The Renegade Writer which covers a number of ‘breaking-the-rules’ authors who made it despite all the advice that tells you otherwise.

What do you think? Do you follow advice or do you often break the rules? Which rules/advice do you feel doesn’t apply to you?


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