Only boring people get bored…

When my son tells me he’s bored, I used to offer a number of ideas I thought were fun and adventurous, only to get this ‘meh’ type noise he makes when he’s not impressed. Eventually I gave up. Now my usual reply is “Only boring people are boring”, which irks him to no end. I refuse to help him overcome boredom that only he can overcome.

Boredom isn’t having nothing to do but not enjoying the things you normally enjoy. This becomes a problem when you have tons of things to do, but can’t muster the interest to do them.

So here are a few tips:

Just let yourself be bored. Eventually your brain can’t take it any more and will willingly offer you something to work with.

Sometimes you have to just start something, even if you’re not ‘feeling’ it. By the mere act of doing, you can often spark interest.

Color outside the lines. Going off the beaten bath, drawing outside the lines, and doing something unusual can lend to something interesting.

Determine if its boredom or depression. Sometimes the two feel very similar. If depressed, there’s treatment. Even the act of smiling (even if you’re unhappy) can boost natural levels of Serotonin (the happy chemical in the brain).

I find some episodes of boredom lends to interesting ideas. Because my brain craves entertainment, it will push through boredom and bubble up ideas that are turned upside down, and inside out. It is then I get some nifty ideas for plots, character, and storylines.

Keep an idea folder. Some moms might compile a ‘boredom jar’ for their kids, and you can create something similar by keeping a notebook of ideas to refer back to when bored.

What are your thoughts on the topic- do you get bored and what do you do when you get bored?



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