Letter from my muse;

Dear Frootbat31, aka Sharon;

You may have noticed here of late I haven’t been around. I’m annoyed with you- seriously annoyed. You haven’t been writing the fiction you promised me. As much as I enjoy your stories, where did they go? Instead, you write emails, blogs, articles, and fill up an idea folder without anything in the shape or form of an actual story.

I’m disappointed in you. And a disappointed muse is not something a writer wants, trust me.

We thrive on creativity. Ideas are fine, but they are crumbs compared to the actual creation of plot and character. Sentences and paragraphs fill me with joy- not the broken fragments of possible stories you might write later.

I also realize that jerk, The Inner Editor, has no business sitting on your shoulder where my place should be, but you’ve been very generous with him. He’s grown fat off all those doubts and worries. You give him power over you each time you let him ‘fix’ your writing.

Its not even his turn yet! I get to work with you first, then he gets a turn to help shape the story into something publishable, but that won’t happen if you can’t get the story finished in the first place.

So for the love of God, please kick his butt to the curb, put aside those other ideas, and let’s work on your current project. You will be happier for it, and I know I will appreciate the attention.

Your faithful muse


Dear Muse:

You’re right. I apologize for neglecting you. We’re working tonight on the story so I expect you there. Inner Editor (aka Mr. Doubt) will be shoved into a closet for later.

Thanks for the pep talk.


PS- What do you suppose other writers out there, what their muse would say to them?


Dear Sharon;

I don’t know, but my guess would be to just write!

Winking smile

Your muse


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