Writing stories doesn’t always include writing

For the past week, I haven’t done much in the way of writing…in the physical sense. I do, however, find myself rolling plots and creating characters in my head all the time.

A walk along the river might spark a scene in a story that includes a river. Sipping coffee in a café, I watch people and see them as characters in a book, making up lives for them.  Sometimes, I think of the experiences of my life, and how I might do them differently, and consider a new ‘ending’ for a short story idea.

Even video games might inspire me, sometimes even prompting me to get my butt to the computer to write out a scene. I’m finding the game, Skyrim, has such lovely scenic areas you get to explore, I want to try my hand at writing out descriptions.

When do you find inspiration to write? What odd moments spark creative ideas for you?


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