Real or fake writers

booksMy writer’s group brought up a number of times the topic of what makes a ‘real’ writer. Personally, I feel if you’re writing, either for enjoyment or for money, you’re still a writer, because it’s the act of writing and putting those thoughts, ideas, and stories to paper.

As one writer put it- “You get the validation of a publishing company if you’re officially published”. Well, yes. You can say that you’ve passed the rejection phase and endured the trial by fire all authors must face when getting their work to print, but consider this-

Many authors- great authors- were rejected a number of times by publishing companies. Doesn’t that show that they are not the end-all-be-all of what the manuscript is worth? I often wonder how many other great stories are out there, or thrown out, because the author was rejected for whatever reason.

I love the idea through ebook publishing and self publishing the cream rises to the top. Readers, then, decide what makes a story great, and determines its worth. Publishing companies might see themselves as shoved out of the way in favor of the general public making the decision of what makes a story great.

And I like that idea.

To think we might never have books like War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, or even Edgar Allen Poe’s works- all faced rejections. Even Beatrix Potter received enough rejection she self-published. All those publishing companies would deny the world these books for whatever reason they deemed the stories and writing ‘unworthy’.

I’d like to judge myself, thank you.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on self-publishing vs publishing, or rejections?



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