Care and feeding of readers

58757970107871161_N60w8ahg_cWith any type of writing, your audience require some care and consideration from their writer. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as a blogger and/or author;

Connect with your readers. Join social groups, allow for comments, and for Pete’s sake- RESPOND to your readers from time to time. This builds a relationship with the readership. It allows your fans to ask questions, comment, and even congratulate you. If you worry about nasty comments or bad feedback, then you’re doing yourself and your readers a disservice. Endure the bad with the good- its well worth the effort.

-Be like your readers. Take a moment to think like the people that read your blog, stories, or articles. What do you think they want to read. What type of people are they? If they like your stories, would they also like another genre you write about? Knowing your reader can help you write for them, for their likes and dislikes.

Offer them some free samples. By providing a free page or chapter of your work, you entice the reader to want more.

Ask for help from your readers. If you have subscribers or regular commenters, consider asking them to ‘like’ or share your blog with others. This helps your site/blog and writing to be marketing by the people who appreciate your work. (And if you hit the ‘like’ button, why not hit the ‘share’ button as well?)

Offer regular posts and writing for your readers. I realized in my fanfiction days how hungry some readers were for more when they personally emailed me and asked me to add another chapter. As a reader, myself, I know I periodically check on authors I enjoy to see if they are publishing anything new.

Considering your reader should be as much part of the writing process as crafting the manuscript.


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