Writing exercise- Deciding on your project

timeWhen you get more than one story or article idea bubbling up from the recesses of the creative space of your brain, it can be tough to decide on which one to write about, so try this;

Use a freewriting technique as a means to converse with yourself (your inner muse) as to which story or project you want to focus on.

Freewriting is the marvelous tool of breaking away from the rigid inner editor.

-Set a timer for 10 minutes.

-Get your notebook or computer and prepare to write.

-Start the timer.

-Do not stop writing or even pause. Ignore spelling mistakes and punctuation. The idea here is to focus on the pure flow of creativity.

-Stop when the timer goes off.

I used this method to argue between writing a non-fiction piece and a fiction piece I had rattling around in my head. By the end of the ten minutes, I was clearly arguing for the fiction piece. Decision made!

This works for many issues you might find yourself in conflict.


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