Strengthen your verbs

1314978979865119A simple tip to strengthen your verbs is to use the ‘find’ function of your computer in your document. Once you open your document, hit the Cntr+F keys. This uses the find feature, and highlights every instance of that word. 

Find words (known as linking verbs) like was, is, should, has, and so forth, which often weakens writing.

He was running to the store.

To make this sentence stronger, delete the word ‘was’ and focus instead on the verb running. Running is the action. Its what you want the subject is doing. So ask- How was he running? Also consider using a stronger verb choice to illustrate the type of running.

He raced to the store.

See how the verb now strengthens the sentence? 

As with many so-called rules, this is not a carved-in-stone suggestion. It simply invites the writer to be mindful of their style in writing and invoking stronger, more powerful words to describe the action.

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