New Year’s Resolutions, Promises, and Hopes for 2012

I’m a list maker. I keep an Iphone app that helps me stay organized, where I can prioritize what needs to be done with what I want to get done, and what ought to be done.

The New Year offers great promise in my adventures of writing. .

  • I will publish a book.
  • I will explore the short story genre and see where that takes me.
  • I will publish an book, or a series of ebooks via the Web.
  • I will write regularly, every day towards my goal.
  • I will read regularly both fiction and non fiction. A good writer reads as much as they write.
  • I will speak and write actively. I’ve already started this goal and see a noticeable difference in my behavior. (feeling bolder, stronger, more sure of myself).

This doesn’t include the usual resolution of losing weight. My husband and I joke around how svelte and ‘shexy’ we’ll be this spring. Nor does this list include the other promises to myself to instill a love of learning in my son (for homeschooling), fix up the hous by spring.

In short, setting goals offers us a means in which to stretch our limits to see where it takes us.


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