A Writer’s Strengths and Weaknesses

books.jpgNaturally, writers find they have strengths in some areas and weakness in others. I would say one of my strengths includes cliffhangers at the end of chapters, which leaves the reader wanting more. I’ve had three readers tell me this, so I’m not boasting. (ok, maybe just a little).

My weaknesses consists of the passive voice, and wordiness. I can explain something with lots and lots of words, when a simple, straightforward sentence would suffice.

Figuring out what those weaknesses and strengths are can prove challenging, if not painful.  I’ve seen writers give up on writing when they think they’re not perfect, or the feedback too harsh. But writing can be fixed and improved. The red pen can be your best friend and teacher.

Be honest with yourself. If you hope to improve your writing, you need to be honest about faults if you ever hope to improve them.  It doesn’t mean you’re a ‘bad writer’; it means you need to hone your skill.

Be mindful of your weakness without letting it derail your goals. . Instead of quitting- fix it by working through problems and improving. Writing is a skill that needs practice, trial and error, and exploring through creativity.

Remember, a story is about storytelling. Even a weakness can be forgiven if you excel somewhere else. I’ve read published novels that didn’t offer a great story, but the plot and/or characters were enough to keep the pages turning.

Take the time to listen to critiques and objectively read your work to find the weaknesses. Once done, now you have a quest to find a means to rework, delete, or somehow improve that which hinders your writing.

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