An Author’s Blog + Tips

blogHere are a few things to bear in mind when setting up and managing your blog if you’re a writer-

  • Consider your audience. With any genre, blogging demands a style and guideline in which you follow. Posts must be rather short, entertaining and/or informative, and directly focused on whatever topic for your blog. If you maintain a blog as a writer, write about that- not about other topics that might bore the audience who visits your site.
  • Check your post frequency. How often do you blog? Do you find yourself overwhelmed, or do you neglect your blog?  Post, at the very least, weekly, or at least regularly so visitors can subscribe and get updates.
  • Check spelling and punctuation. One of my peeves is visiting a writer’s blog only to find titles all in lower case, or lacking in such vital punctuation as periods, paragraphs, and other necessary skills writers need to illustrate in ALL of their writing. (I realize I falter in this myself, but when I see the mistake, I will also fix it).
  • Allow for interactivity on your blog. This means be sure to add an email or email form so visitors can contact you with questions or comments. I also encourage to allow for comments. This opens opportunities to engage readers.
  • Engage your visitors. If they comment, reply to them! This lets visitors know you read and have an interest in their opinion.
  • Blog! As a writer,  you should have some sort of web site to show off your skills, but also provide a page of samples or links to your books (and other writings). A blog provides an easy means to create a web site without having to know HTML.

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