Tuesday Tip: Writing through the distractions

I’m the kind of person that gets easily distracted. Any sound or motion will pull my attention to what I’m doing, so this is why I can’t write in a coffee shop.

Even at home, sounds from downstairs, or the street, are known to irk me beyond rage when I’m trying to focus on writing. So here are a few tips that might others who face the same:

A headset helps drown out sound. Even if you’re not listening to anything, I find the headset softens the noise. I’d love the noise dampening headphones, if only to get that much-needed quiet.

You can also use ambient sound to muffle noise. This site, ISerenity, offers such ambience as a typewriter, fan, purring, and wind chimes, just to name a few.

Tell your family you will be writing. Give the kids an activity to do (chores if they can’t respect your space), or a movie or craft. Give an allotted time and stick to it.

Wear something that indicates you are in ‘writing mode’. This tip came from Bly’s, No Plot? No Problem book where he dons a specific hat. You can pick fingerless gloves, a special sweater/jacket, or put up a sign “Do not disturb the writer”.

writing spotFind a writing spot. Some writers require a writing spot to craft their stories, someplace quiet, or maybe even bustling with people (coffeeshop) to get the juices flowing. My writing spot is generally my office, but sometimes I will write with my Iphone and an app called My Writing Spot just about anywhere such as the doctor’s office or waiting in line.

What are some of your tips for writing through distraction?

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