A Writer’s Christmas Wishlist

IMG_0024Here is what I want for Christmas:

1. I want my muse to stop abandoning me at her whim.

2. My inner editor to STFU and chill until its time to edit the draft. His job is to sit back and wait until I’m done with the first draft before he’s allowed to critique my work.

3. Time- lots and lots of time to write.

4. My characters to move along with MY plot instead of taking over the story and doing their own thing.

5. An immediate acceptance of a publishing company to publish my book. (I’m sure Santa can manage this, right?)

6. A wordcount bar for Openoffice. Recently I’ve had some issues on my MS Word, so I’ve wanted to get back to using OpenOffice (which includes a handy ‘export to PDF’ button too). Oddly, they have no wordcount toolbar.

7. Little or no technical issues. I know Santa might have issues with that, I mean, he can’t work the impossible, but it would still be nice to not have to worry about losing hours of work over some program or computer glitch.

What are you wishing for, as a writer, for Christmas?


2 Replies to “A Writer’s Christmas Wishlist”

  1. Haha very creative list here–and I can relate! I think no matter what career or hobbies we have, a gift of more time would always be a hit for Christmas presents. I just need to figure out how to gift wrap that…


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