Lacking confidence?

booksSo the other day, I happened upon this article by TimeToWrite, A 15 Minute Prescription for Writers Who Lack Confidence. I love reading about the psychology of our insecurities and fears, and this was perfect in working with recent developments of insecurities in myself. (Subscribe the blog, by the way. He has tons of great articles there)

What I like about the exercise he mentions, incorporates the integral element of confidence; understanding our best qualities. Some people may not feel they have any, or feel they shouldn’t boast, but if you’re feeling insecure, boosting your confidence becomes vital to your writing.

I’m collecting good feedback and reviews of my writing, and I keep them in a notebook to remind me in times where I waver on my goal towards publishing, that I have skill in writing. I can write worthy stories. People like what I write, so why shouldn’t I consider myself capable of publishing?

Try it for yourself and let us know the results.


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