Motivation, discipline, and resolve

Some days the words flow with grace and style, while other days the story struggles to get past this sludge of incoherence, and I’m not sure why some days are like this.

What motivates you to write? For myself, it’s a simple answer; The characters and conflict want to be told. Stories run constantly through my head. Sometimes I have more than one story running in my head, not to mention the number of ideas for blogs, articles, and creative projects I want to start.

So why don’t I find writing easy? Non-fiction, I find easy. Its simply transferring what I know to the page in some organizational fashion. Storytelling takes more effort. It’s a  juggle of characters, conflict, tension, description, dialog, and all the other elements to weave into a tale that will amaze readers.

Motivation is all about wanting to do something. My finding motivation for exercise proves difficult when I don’t like exercise. Motivation for eating more vegetables also loses to the motivation already in place to eat the yummy stuff.

So this is where discipline comes in. If you can’t find the little tricks to make yourself want to sit your butt in the chair and write, then you’ll need the discipline to do it.

Here are a few tips:

Don’t write for others. Write for yourself. Just write without worrying about who will see it- until you get into the editing part of the writing process. Most issues get fixed then, reworked, and completed.

Setup a schedule. Even if you’re schedule is nuts, settle for schedule an hour here and there through the week to sit and focus on writing. I can’t find any regular time such as mornings or evenings, so I settle for finding an evening here, a morning hour there, and I stick to it. If I can find time to do dishes, I can find time to write a bit each day. (or opt to NOT do dishes!)

Use creative-inspiring activities first before you start writing. Try a meditation, listen to music, freewrite, or even read what you’re already written to see where you need to be in the story.

Lastly, consider embrace the resolve of writing towards a goal. You don’t have to publish, but finishing a story can be a worthy goal. Break up the steps to get there into manageable tasks, and work at them until you get to the end.

An extra tip;

Enjoy the Journey. It’s ok to forget the end goal so you can enjoy the process in getting there. Delve into the story you’re writing and just enjoy the play of characters.

Feel free to post your own tips, your rituals, or things to share with other writers in comments below.


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