An Entertaining Writer Who Vlogs

I wanted to share a video of a writer I’ve been following on youtube. I haven’t read his books yet, but if they reflect anything about his humor, intelligence, and just fascinating dialog he uses in his videos, then I will check them out.

This video is about some funny typos in published books. You’ll be surprised on what on his list;


John Green recently published his book, The Fault in Our Stars , and if you watch his videos, you’ll find a humorous take on being an author. For instance, he promises to sign every pre-ordered book,  nearly crippling his hand by signing over 250,000 copies by a certain date.

What I find so interesting is that John is willing to share some inside scoops on the writer’s life. He does so with such vibrant enthusium. Its catching.

He is the half of Vlogbrothers, where  his equally talented brother,  Hank, who vlogs back and forth thoughts, rants, ideas, and just interesting stuff. Just this morning I watched Hank’s video about his dog, Lemon, entitled “My Ridiculous Dog” which is hilarious.

Feel free to share your own links to favorite or appreciated authors/videos you enjoy in comments below.


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