Idea Bubbles

frootbpic00There are times I wonder if I’m not Attention Deficient Disorder. Many times, when a thought flutters through my mind at the oddest moments, I find have to quickly find pen/paper or grab my Iphone to use the note taking app to get that idea down.

Believe it or not, sometimes I still lose it because I wasn’t fast enough. Its like a bubble that simply burst into nothing before I could catch it.

Inspiration can come at odd times as well.

Doing chores.  I tend to daydream while listening to music as I wash dishes, fold laundry or vacuums the floor. Doing something repetitive and mundane allows me to let my mind wander aimlessly, into areas of my creativity where I believe my elusive muse resides.

Right before sleep.

While I’m driving.

While I’m writing something else.

Listening to music.

Generally, I use the following tips to capture these ideas as they come, before they burst and disappear into the nether.

Keep a notebook on hand. You can get small notebooks to jot down ideas, plots, character ideas, and just about anything quickly.

Voice recorder. This is even better in those moments you can’t write- like driving. Simply tell the recorder the idea and viola! you have the idea stored for later. Android phones, Iphones, and many MP3 players have voice recorders in them.

Check your phone for voice recording. Many cell phones have a voice recorder in them. Even my son’s $10 tracphone had a voice recorder. Iphone and android phones also have apps for this.

When do you get inspired? Do you have special tips to share on capturing those ideas? Feel free to add in comments below.


2 Replies to “Idea Bubbles”

  1. Oh, thanks for reminding me!! I did use my phone while sitting at a train crossing to record some stuff I wanted to write down but had no paper.
    I had forgotten all about it! Great article, very true. Be ready when that muse strikes, or she might pout.


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