The muse versus the ‘inner editor’

Sometimes I wonder if the creative muse isn’t related or another shade of the inner editor, being two sides of the same coin.

The creative muse comes and goes as she likes, inspiring in not just plot, characters, or ideas, but also the word flow and the crafting of sentences into eloquence.

The inner editor, on the other hand, sits regularly at your shoulder, pointing out mistakes, nags to correct or make changes, and hacks away your confidence.

I think the muse bubbles up from the left/creative part of the brain, while the inner editor lurks at the right/logic side of the brain. If only we could provoke the muse as much as the editor.

What are your thoughts? I understand some writers just ignore the editor, and have no use of the muse. I can write without her, but its not as enjoyable.


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