Stuck in a Skyrim Beam


I got the video game, Skyrim, for my birthday, and it didn’t come out until November 11th. I’ve been caught in its captivating allure ever since.

I’ve played the other games in the series, Morrowind and Oblivion, which both offer compelling storytelling and gameplay. That’s where I started writing in fanfiction, through those games, and which prompted me to put myself out there.

I was surprised with the amount of feedback, where readers loved the stories, the characters, and even voiced how it changed their gameplay. One review said “Though I haven’t nearly finished this story, I have to comment- wow. This is awesome. This is the way Morrowind should be written, as an epic adventure with a bunch of intricate plot twists, two fascinating characters, and a little romance.” And its those type of reviews that prompted me to continue the story to 150,000 words.

I didn’t know it was that long, or even planned the story to go for so long, but the responses from readers certainly prodded me to write more, and often.

Now that I’m playing Skyrim, I feel as though I’m back in this beautiful world with compelling stories and interesting plot. You can actually read books in the game. You can talk to NPC (non-player-character) and learn about the lore and history of this imaginary world. You can tell the game developers put so much effort into the game.

As I remind myself today, however, I need to put myself on a timer when I play, so it doesn’t take me away from ‘real life’. My son likes to say ‘real life- worst game ever!’. I think its because of all the limitations…and inability to respawn or take chances where if you screw up you can simply reload.

So back to reality…


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