Writing more….my thoughts

2f751a0e75ddd8512471d46c39d005f7b4557d6bI happened upon Time-to-Write’s article on Want to write more?, and realized how often I seek out these handy tips for myself.  But here’s the thing- it really boils down to your own writing style and needs.

Do you need order? Some writers put on their ‘must-have’ lists that you need a clean and orderly space. I’m of a chaotic nature, so messes don’t bother me at all. Although I clean and organize my area, its not essential to my writing. I can easily thrive within a mess.

Do you need quiet? My fellow writers in the writer’s meetup tell me they love sitting in a coffee shop to write. I tried that…once, and that was enough. I was constantly with noise and movement. I require a quiet environment where I know I won’t be distracted and pulled out my ‘groove’.

Do you need goals? I’m the type that requires goals to a certain degree, but if it becomes to much like work, I tend to avoid it. Sometimes its best to just sit and write just to write. I will, however, try to write so many words on a given project. I may not work chapter by chapter; sometimes I prefer to write a specific scene that I’m inspired to write about.

What are your needs to write? Do you adapt, or are your needs ‘must-have’?


3 Replies to “Writing more….my thoughts”

  1. I found if I want to get any writing done, I had to learn to write anywhere, last night I wrote while at the My Hobby Shop and 30 young males and one female played D&D with my son. I wrote at work in-between phone calls and checking people in and out. I wrote while waiting for new tires to be put on my car and I wrote while watching a movie and TV shows with the family. I rarely get a quiet moment, if I waited for that I’d never get any writing done.


    1. I bring the same laptop that I bring to the meetups. The little one that’s easy to carry and it’s battery lasts 8 hours so I don’t have to plug in anywhere. I save my writing on a thumb drive so I can easily switch back and forth from the laptop to my main computer, to my computer at work and I save a copy of the file to all three devices just in case one decides to die (except for the one at work). If I’m just outlining I might only use a notebook, but for actual story writing I can’t stand to have to rewrite everything so I always have some kind of computer device. It seems like a waste of time to write it in a notebook then have to type it again.


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