Journaling Therapy

Journaling from day to day tends to open up the creative side of my brain, but also, provides me a private audience to voice my concerns, write out my troubles, and sometimes, just rant to my heart’s content- all of which is therapy for me.

I think the reason being when you write in a journal, you’re writing to your innermost Self. You’re writing to that part that listens, encourages, and stands by your side. Its that part of yourself that’s the ‘parent within’, the mature, know-it-all that realizes the answers to your problems if only the ‘child within’ can stop having temper tantrums. or give into weaknesses.

In my journal, I will rant without hinderance, spewing forth obnoxiousness, to air the emotional garbage from my soul. I then go through what I wrote, editing out the extremes, and adding an answer to that rant. I’ve been surprised at the result.

Indecisions find a decision. Anger gets tempered with compassion. Muddled thought finds clarity. In other words- its therapy. Winking smile

Try it out- Start a journal where you write out an issue that’s bothering you. Once done, write another entry in response to that, as if you’re your best friend (or parent), and see what bubbles up.


3 Replies to “Journaling Therapy”

    1. I found a journal can also help you adjust your thinking- Whenever I would rant or wallow in self pity, I’d make a mark in my journal, like a little star or smiley face, and then force myself to write something that good that happened to me. If I couldn’t’ think of anything, I’d write about moments when I was happy. It was astounding how much that helped me move through my depression into something akin to happiness. 😉


  1. Thank you for your awesome article. Keeping a journal = therapy…it is the ultimate self-help tool like you so beautifully put it “to air the emotional garbage from my soul” and so much more. I hold all kinds of journaling therapy sessions: couples therapy, group therapy, dialogues with inner critics and my myriad other characters that grace my inner stage. There’s nothing my therapist and I can’t work through. WriteON!


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