The wondrous Ebook

1272645826599789Forgive the late posting. My son has been sick, and I’ve been fending off the illness while caring after him. Not fun.

Today I want to talk about Ebooks. They’re not new; they’ve been around for some time, but what makes them so wondrous is we’re entering a new era where Ebooks are quickly dominating the publishing market.

Amazon rewrites publishing rules where authors can easily publish either by printed book (Createspace) or ebook (Kindle), or even publish blog (Amazon Blog publishing), without involving the traditional publishing companies.

This doesn’t bode well for publish companies, however it enables authors freedom to publish and reach their audience through the Web. “But publishing companies get your book on the shelves of stores” you might say. Being we lost our local Borders, and we have few and far between bookstores to buy new books (plenty of old books though), I see publishing via the Web a viable option.

Creating an ebook and selling via a web page is simple. Marketing, however, is key. You need to know how to get the word out. Publishing via Amazon, who already has the established search and tons of customers, certainly helps.

Do you think you will try e-publishing or do you hope to publish the old fashioned way via a publishing company?


One Reply to “The wondrous Ebook”

  1. I live in South Africa and most people I know here don’t have a Kindle and if I ever do get published my friends and colleagues would probably prefer a good old-fashion book.
    I like to set my sights high however, so internationally it might be more feasible to consider e-publishing though the marketing aspect does scares me a bit…


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