Amazon vs publishing publishing companies


When I read this article about Amazon encouraging writers to forego publishing companies, I felt a mixture of excitement but also trepidation. This means big changes for the future of writers.

A friend argued that the reason writers go with publishing companies is that they see their books in the bookstores. What bookstores? In my area, we only have used bookstores and one ‘new’ store. Borders bookstores also closed, where many customers admit to having browsed only to go home and order via Amazon.

I know many writers balk at going through a print-on-demand or ebook methods of publishing. One assumes, after all, the publishing company will do the marketing for them, right? If you’re on Amazon, however, you have a potential market of millions all over the world, not just bookstores.

The profit for writers also increases with self-publishing (print-on-demand or ebook). Of course, this depends entirely on how good the book is and how well you market the book.

I feel either method carries a certain level of gamble. Submit to a publishing company and likely get rejected (over and over as even the great authors have experienced), or publish on my own via Smashwords or Createspace and market things myself.

Bear in mind, ebooks outsell now the printed versions.

Need more information?

Self-publish vs Traditional Publishing– offers some numbers and scenarios on this subject to consider options.

Comparison of self-publishing gives some great information on real experience with various self-publishing companies.

Lulu, Creatspace, Lightning Source, Kindle, Smashwords…Oh My– provides some terrific, real experience tips on these online self-publishing, including mistakes, formatting, and royalties.

I foresee great changes in options for would-be authors, and the publishing companies must adapt and evolve with the fast-paced technology ebook readers provide.

What are your thoughts? Do you hope to publish through a publishing company or publish an ebook/print-on-demand?


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