Tech issues and tips

MC900432646I was up to my elbows in computer guts yesterday while upgrading my son’s computer. This is why this posting is late; So here are a few tech tips I often share with my clients when they start having computer problems;

  • Try rebooting the system. Restarting the computer enables the system to refresh the RAM and reset information that often causes issues when programs aren’t playing well with other programs. If you can’t get the system to reboot (and yes, this does happen) press and hold in the Power Button for 8 seconds. This shuts down the PC. If you’re really desperate, unplug the power cord.
  • Make sure your Anti-virus software is not just updated but scans frequently. Sometimes the settings scan late at night. If you shut your system down, then its not scanning at that time. Run the scan at least once a week.
  • Run the Cleandisk and Defrag programs. Cleandish cleans out useless files that fill up the hard drive, while Defrag re-organizes them to efficiency.
  • Use Ctrl + Alt + Delete button by pressing all buttons at the same time, and you get the Task Manager. With this program you can shut down troublesome programs one at a time. Pressing twice will often reboot your computer.
  • Check your Startup Folder to see what programs are starting up when you turn on the computer. Some program are useful while others simply take up memory. I shut off all programs, although you might want to add programs. This is a personal choice for users.
  • Back your files! I cannot emphasize enough for computer users to use some method to back up their files.  I prefer the USB flash drive method, but cloud drives are also useful. Remember to back up items in the My Documents folder, as well as any add-on files you’ve added.

These are just the basics. Feel free to add questions and comments below on the topic of computers. I’m a PC users, and I realize some readers are Mac users, but feel free to post or share your own input on the topic of technical issues.

Friday Writing Prompt:

The Door…

Write an excerpt, story idea, or thoughts on this closed door. Where does it lead? Does someone live here? Is it a special place?


One Reply to “Tech issues and tips”

  1. The reset button is the single greatest invention. I wish more things had them, including myself. Although when it doesn’t work it can be disconcerting.


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