Switching blogs

samp626bc78774f75a42Some friends of mine in the writer’s group are thinking of doing a blog tour. Not only would this muster some motivation to start a blog, but also to nudge the current bloggers to market via other blogs as well.

The topic arose on which is the best blog, and it seemed the consensus was WordPress. But how do you switch from one blog service to another?

Blog services differ in features to make the switch easy. There are two basic methods;

  1. Export/Import the blog directly to the new services.
  2. Export/Import the blog file to the new services.

Both WordPress and Blogger provide these two methods, and you can find the features under tools. Generally a ‘blog file’ ends up as a XML (spreadsheet) or a CSV (comma seperated value) file.

Sometimes you can import the comments as well.

If you do switch blogs, remember to add a post to the former blog informing readers of the switch. Simply add a link to the new blog. Also remember to update any linking or marketing you’ve done for your blog with the new URL address.


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