Tuesday Tip: Saving printer ink


I’ve found some neat tips on saving printer ink. This is particularly hand when I print out a number of handouts for my writers’ group.

I now prefer the Times Roman Font (saves you 30% ink than other fonts), and ignore the ‘low ink’ warning. I will print until I actually see the fading of ink first.

You can also clean the cartridge connection with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol in case the ink is clogged. Sometimes it works.

I also suggest checking your local OfficeMax and Staples stores for their ink recycle service. When I return my empty cartridges to OfficeMax, I get $3 which I will use on my next purchase.

Also when purchasing a new printer CHECK THE COST OF THE CARTRIDGES! Not all cost the same. I have a HP Photosmart 2575 and I find the cartridges are reasonable priced. Some printers require three color cartridges, which can cost more in the long run.

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