Blogging- When you have nothing to say


There are days I find myself staring at the blank screen, trying to figure out what to write about for my blogs. This is where the ‘idea folder’ comes in handy.

An idea folder doesn’t have to be a literal folder, but a service, notebook, phone app, or anything where you store ideas. You can jot down notes on index cards and keep in a recipe box, or use something like Evernote or Web clipping extensions for browsers to put ideas there.

Ideas come to me at weird moments through my day, and I often feel as though I’m grasping at butterflies before they fly away and I forget the idea before it takes full shape.

My inspirations;

Photos– I find lots of ideas through photos on the web, or even when I take my camera out to snap photos.

Chat or conversation with friends and family. I get lots of ideas via my writer’s group, while my personal blog tends to find inspiration in odd things my son says, or emotionally driven rants on politics or issues.

Current events offer tons of ideas to comment about, or you can share your own experience with the topic. For instance, I’m writing about the National Novel Writing Month coming up in November.

Personal experiences I think offer the best topics. Readers appreciate that insight and revelation from a point of view who went through the process.

Books I read offer tons of ideas, especially when I want to add my own two cents on the subject.

Other bloggers. I have a circle of bloggers who visit, read, and post, offering me links back to their blogs. I can then read their thoughts and comment, cross-linking to illustrate where I found the inspiration.

Once you compiled a number of ideas on your list, when you feel uninspired, look at the ideas folder and start writing.

Post your own inspirations and ideas for topics below.


3 Replies to “Blogging- When you have nothing to say”

    1. Thanks for the link! I used to be perplexed on the issue of Evernote, but now that I’m using it for notes and storing tips/links for blogging, its the best thing since sliced bread. Thanks again for the link.Nice blog!


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