Writing about writing- blog etiquette

1272645826599789From time to time, I encounter people who liked my blog posts enough to write about them. Generally, they understand the etiquette involved. For instance, they understand a blogger’s content is copyrighted and you don’t steal someone else’s work.

I remember once someone cut/paste the entire post I wrote, and although she added a link back to my blog, it was so tiny, her readers thought the post was something she wrote! I emailed her to take it down. She never responded. 

So here are the rules of etiquette;

  • If you want a sample, cut/paste a paragraph, but be sure to take only a sample- not the whole thing- and include a link back to the original post to give the author credit.Do not cut/paste the entire post to your own blog. Ever.
  • If the author asks you to remove it- REMOVE IT. All writing, including blogs are copyrighted, so be considerate.
  • An added bonus is to let the author know you’ve posted about their blog, and comment on their site. Not only does this market your own blog, and network, but you’re letting the author know you liked their stuff. I’ve made friends this way. Open-mouthed smile
  • If you really enjoy a bloggers site, add them to your blog roll.

With some consideration and common respect, you not only show the Internet world how you’re a responsible blogger, but you’re also a worthwhile blogger.


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