Writer Tool: Macros

I’m pretty savvy with computers and with word processing. I know things most folks don’t know about tech stuff- smarter than the average bear, you might say. I do, after all, work on tech support work part time and offer on-site tutoring instruction/training on the PC.

You’d be surprised to know I only recently discovered the wonders that are MS Word macros.

What are macros? Well to put simply; they are short cuts. You record actions such as keystrokes, or clicking buttons, and once recording and assigned to a keyboard shortcut, you have a very quick and handy trick.

I journal with my MS Word program, but having to click INSERT, then DATE, then selected the format in which I want inserted….well I was getting sick of that. Now with simply Ctrl+PageUp (this is what I assigned the macro as), and VIOLA! Its automatically inserted with the word GOALS: beneath it. This is to remind me to do something towards my goals each day.

Here is a video showing you how to create macros.

Consider tasks you do regularly in your MS Word, and how a macro could make these tasks so much simpler.

If you have XP, you can use this tutorial which shows step by step illustrations.


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