Some thoughts on feedback


A story is more than just a story to the writer; its pieces of their soul poured out to paper. Opening yourself to criticism can be terrifying. You may feel your skill, your very soul, is now on the cutting block.

Its not an easy thing to have skill scrutinized, but this is a very important part to the writer’s evolution towards being an author.

Comments, like feedback, can often fall into the very simplistic “I hate it” group. Some folks can’t explain why, just as you might find readers who love your work, and can’t expound further. Neither offers much help in the way of improving your writing.

If you can explain the characters are flat, the action slow, or the start bored you, then I will give you a big thank you. That’s helpful, even if it says the writing was ‘bad. The writing also wasn’t working as I wanted, so I need to be able to rework it until it does.

I find the reviews of my fanfiction or published story online, offers me insight on what people like. Although there’s the occasional “I love it” without explaining why, (which is unhelpful) I also get a number of people who can easily tell me their reasons for enjoying the story. That shows me what I’m dong right, to keep doing what works, and yes, even boost my ego a bit.

As you venture into the Internet for critiques, remember that any value of feedback depends on what the reader offers. Some are just griefers or SNERTS (Snot-Nose-Egotistical-Twits), but I find most are regular folks who want to give their two cents. Don’t waste your time on the trolls.

Be daring, be bold, and believe in yourself to share your writing.







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