Tuesday Tip: Write about your adventures

adventure00_thumbA friend of mine continually nags tells me to write about my own experiences. The personal stories I share are often embellished or told with some flair, but being personal stories, I find it a bit intimidating to write about them to share with others.

I journal, a lot, so the stories are recorded, but  putting them out for all to see strikes me akin to selling out, or worse, losing them as personal stories. Once out there, they become everyone’s story.

I’m also not sure how to conclude some of the stories. Isn’t a good tale consisting of a lesson learned or some form of outcome? I’m not sure these stories have that.

Some examples:

  1. I worked at a local zoo where I got licked by a grizzly bear, petted a cougar, chased some errant baby rheas (they are like ostriches but smaller), and almost got attacked by a Mandrill baboon. Yep, fun stuff, but not offering much in conclusion.
  2. My family was stalked and  harassed for over a year by this nutjob who eventually went to jail, but only for 30 days. It was harrowing, but the end of this story simply isn’t satisfying since I felt he got away with the threats of murder and attacking my mother.

I could incorporate the same emotions such as fear and/or excitement in a story, but I’m not keen on writing a memoir because I don’t think my life is that interesting, or offers a lesson to be told. (maybe a warning to others?!)

What are your thoughts? What are your personal adventures worth sharing?

Feel free to post in your blog then comment below to share.


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