Yourself as a character

sharonsimI love writing. I love the click-clacking of the keyboard when I’m on a roll. I love it when the words flow, and the inspiration from the nether-where decids to bless me clarity and skill.

I love writing in those moments.

Then you get the past few weeks of drudging up words into a semblance of the English language. And why do I feel the most articulate just as I go to bed?

Things have been going wrong around here, and in the past I’d fallen apart and wallowed. As a writer, however, I can see now the possibilities of conflicts and resolutions as elements of my story. I ask myself “What if I was a character in a book, where my writer is torturing me, challenging me with problems? What is the resolution to my story?”

It still sucks to have things go amiss, awry, and otherwise to pot, but putting problems as challenges offers so much more in the way of interesting plot (and therefore my life).

I’ll figure out the resolutions in time, and hopefully grow because of these things happening.

Or maybe I’m a Sim character, with a player getting bored and making life miserable just to see my reactions.

Consider yourself as a character- what problems do you have that might offer a good story to read?


Prompt: Use the picture below for story ideas. I see this photo and ask what sort of life this person lived?. What does aging mean to me? Am I gonna get hit with that cane? (you young whippersnapper!)

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