NaNoWriMo Alternatives


I ‘won’ the 2007 National Novel Writing Month competition, (the NaNoWriMo) as illustrated with the graphic you see to the left .Yeah me! I wrote 30,000 words in 30 days to complete a novel. I won’t be doing it again.

I found the experience valuable but grueling. It was altogether ‘unfun’, and by forcing myself to write 1700 words each day for thirty days straight simply sucked out the joy and delight of crafting the story.

The rules are basic;

  • Start a fresh FICTION (sorry non-fiction writers) on November 1st.
  • You’re allowed to plan and plot beforehand, but the actual start of the story takes place at the month’s start.
  • You don’t have to write every day, but its recommended. For starters, it builds a wonderful habit to write daily, but also provides a manageable goal. Waiting for the weekends, you can feel overwhelmed.
  • Write 50,000 by November 30th. It doesn’t have to be a completed novel.
  • You can write more than 50,000 if you want.

So you can see, its pretty simple, except for the challenge of pushing yourself. I found writing without the creativity produced lots of crap, but I did finish a story. If anything, I had an outline to edit later.

You can also do an alternative method of the NaNoWriMo (but you don’t get the nifty certificate or graphic). I intend on doing my own version but here are my rules;

  • You must write daily a word count. Even if you choose 500 words a day, you must write daily. Whatever word count you pick, you MUST keep that goal each day.
  • You must work on the one project- for that word count. For instance, if I pick 1,000 words a day for my novel, I must write 1,000 words on the novel, but I can also write my blogs and other stuff.
  • You don’t have to reach 50,000 words, but you can exceed if you wish.
  • You can write ANYTHING- fiction or non-fiction, even work you previously worked on. The word count must be NEW words, however. Remember this is to get you writing, and finish, your projects.
  • You can pick to write just for November, but also exceed to December and other months.

challenge2011Interested in joining me? I will post word count graphics you can put on your site if you like.

Post choices in colors, ideas for word count goals, and challenges you hope to accomplish in the coming months.


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