Baring your soul = critique


Getting your writing reviewed isn’t unlike standing in front of a crowd of people in your underwear. There’s something very soul-bearing when you share your work.

I feel it stems from the fact you evoke from the recesses of your soul a plot, characters, and creation of worlds from within you to paper. Having someone with a critical eye, who hasn’t lived in your head as you poured out your soul, could hardly understand, could they?

Unfortunately, the fact we live in our heads can be a problem. We can’t see the error of our writing, grammar mistakes, or serious plot holes. We take the story for granted. We know the character too well. Someone with fresh eyes needs to see the story and give a new perspective on it.

What to do with feedback?

Don’t take things personally. A bad critique doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad storyteller. There are many elements to a story, and you may have weaknesses that need to be scrutinized and therefore fixed. Your plot might be great, but the characters bland. Your characters might be well-rounded and wonderful, but the conflict weak. Take the feedback as constructive, and a basis to improve.

Understand we all have our strengths and weaknesses. The weaknesses need to evolve, and every writer could improve. Even the great writers are known to criticize their first published works, where they improved since then. The critique helps hone your writing skills.

Not all feedback is gospel. You don’t have to take all feedback to heart. You, as the author, need to consider what elements you will work on, improve upon, delete, and eventually edit.

Listen, learn, and improve. You’ll reach your goals in time.


2 Replies to “Baring your soul = critique”

  1. Hmm…. this is a mix of great text from your inner, and bitter facts. I prefer the text from your inner. What to do with feedback is… not that fun, but for sure improtant.
    And dont take it personly now, LOL 🙂
    Thanks for charing.


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