Blog plotting

1298259975590020I was asked the other day  if I plan ahead for my blog posts. Most of the time the answer is yes. Other times, I sort of waffle and struggle to find the subject.

Planning should be a part of any writer’s process. You need to know what direction you need to go with a plot in story, an outline in nonfiction, and lo, even blogging. More importantly, you should consider what you hope to accomplish once you get there.

downloadI stockpile all sorts of ideas, inspirations, and topics to provoke even more ideas. These can be photos, videos, posts from other blogs, quotes, news, or just about anything that I find along my travels.

Other ideas, I find along the way and in the oddest places. Generally when I’m driving, going to sleep, taking a shower, and other times where I don’t have a pen or my handy dandy IPhone to jot down the idea before it flutter away to oblivion. Dang it.

Sometimes I will do an odd motion or speak out loud, in a very loud, commanding voice, the idea, and hope I’ll remember it later.

I also reflect on what I’d like to see in a blog for writers. This is why I avoid my mundane life, I suppose. I’m told by my writer friends that I’m entertaining, even with the mundane, but there are times I sort of babble.

Planning ahead relieves a lot of pressure but also shows how much a blogger can write on a theme. With a little thought, luck, and a bit of prayer, you can find oodles of topics to write about.

Prompt for Friday:

Consider the picture and freewrite ideas for titles, characters, emotion, scenes, and even places for ten minutes.


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