Wednesday Writer: Latjrum Stockett’s “The Help”

Kathryn Stockett s  The Help  Turned Down 60 Times Before Becoming a Best Seller on Shine

I found this article the other day on Kathryn Stockett’s The Help, and how she faced sixty rejections before hitting a best seller.

Wow. That sounds discouraging, doesn’t it? Look up more well-known, famous authors, and you’ll find this number of rejections isn’t unusual at all.

This tells us, as writers, we need to understand that rejections are part of the process. They don’t determine if you’re a ‘good’ writer or not. For some rejections, I’m sure the agent/publishing company simply didn’t realize its potential, or felt it wasn’t enough for what they wanted.

Self Published Kindle Only Author is a Millionaire   GeekosystemAnd when I find articles such as Amanda Hocking, a self published author, made millions– gives me hope that the industry evolves quickly with new opportunities for would-be writers.

Keep writing!


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