Forcing yourself through deadlines

timeThe deadline to the writer’s group anthology is tomorrow. I’m not finished with my story. I found through this experience that working with a theme tends to freeze up my muse. She feels confined and, in protest, will hide somewhere.

I’m confident I’ll crank out something by tonight. I have 1,500 words so far, with 1,500-8,500 to go. The plot worked itself somewhere amid the panic I felt last night. So what if the muse is in hiding?

I don’t need her.

This also shows me how important forcing yourself to write is for the writer. No more excuses, complaints, or reasons– you just do it. You write through whatever Life throws your way, and you get it done.

Even if the stuff you crank out is crap, you can polish the plot, characters, and storyline to a beautiful shine through the re-writes.


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