Tuesday Tip: Sparking creativity

c9d5b25c9c7d7c0861f16003ad657fed2c8441a2The other day I was complaining to my fellow writers how the worst kind of block for me is when I write to the level of a third grader. I live for the moments of clarity and eloquence that comes natural. Its not forced. It just happens. Its also very rare to happen.

Being a pro-active person, I went out into the virtual world to find answer to this dilemma; how to invoke that creativity when you’re just not feeling it?

Some writers argue you write anyway in the hopes you fix the sludge through the editing process. I like shortcuts, where you find some way to find the inspiration inspired by your muse.

So here are some things I’ve found;

Optiniche post on a missing muse… I love the tip “rediscover your inner child”. I believe its that part of the Self where the muse resides.

7 Ways to Find your Muse– points out your muse tends to be found in the oddest places, which support the idea you need to get off the computer, TV, and get out into the world to find her.

Find Your Creative Muse’s post on writer’s block offers lots of tips to spark creativity. Freewriting and keeping a journal I find already help to maintain creativity.

I also find that starting little rituals, such as lighting a candle, getting my favorite coffee, or listening to music before I write tends to break through the block.

I hope you find this helpful. Feel free to post comments about your own struggles and solutions.




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