Friday Fun: Journaling Prompt

I tend to blither in my personal journal, writing without my inner editor to nag or distract. Words just flow and thoughts meander through ponderings. Its very cathartic, for me, as a writer.

Today, I discovered that questioning myself on which short story to focus on for the anthology our writer’s group intends to publish this autumn, I found my own answers.

This is perhaps the best reason to keep a journal if only to voice and lay out your feelings to yourself so that you can sort confusion out.

Journaling tips:

  • Ask yourself questions, and answer them honestly. In a private journal, you have no one to lie to, no one to impress. Write as though you were your own best friend giving advice.
  • Ignore all rules to grammar, punctuation, and even spelling. A personal journal is for ‘your eyes only’, and the important factor is to stay honest and free-flowing with your writing.
  • Switch between yourself and the other Self that you are writing to. You’re writing to yourself, basically, and your Self should answer and respond with your best interests in mind.
  • Don’t concern with length. Personal journals are only as long or short as you need them to. If you need to rant, blither, or otherwise pour out your heart page after page- do so.

I often find my own answers through this type of writing.  It is also cathartic. Some journal posts end up being letters to people, or where I talk to my younger or older self.

Journaling prompts:

#1- Write about your goals, where you hope to be five years from now.

#2- Write about any writing weaknesses you have, and explore methods to improve and strengthen those areas.


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