Tuesday Tip: Review your journey

I think for some writers, they need to take a moment now and then to consider where they are along their journey towards publication. Looking back allows you appreciate how far you’ve come, or offers a way to push forward with making the necessary adjustments to evolve and grow as a writer.

Here are a few things I’ve done to improve my writing since I started;

  1. Started a writer’s group. Having a group of fellow writers to nudge, nag, and encourage me towards my goal works wonders on my productivity. Join or start your own. I use meetup.com to organize, but there is cost. You could also use Yahoo Groups which is free. You can also start one at a local library or bookstore.
  2. Be mindful of your writing. Since taking the time to fix spelling errors, punctuation, and grammar, I see a huge improvement overall on my writing. I took time in messaging, texting, emails, and pretty much anywhere I typed out a sentence.
  3. Focus on the important stuff. I tend to overschedule myself, or add too much on my ‘to do’ lists. Now I prioritize them and get the important stuff done first. Evernote helps me to organize and prioritize my work considerably. Listndo Iphone app ($2.99) helps me to remember things like chores, writing, meetings, and everything else, that includes alarms.
  4. Demand your writing time. I’ve been putting my foot down in regards to my writing time, where my family must leave me alone for an allotted time so I can write. Writing is important to me and I’m worth an hour or so a day to have ‘me-time’ to do this.
  5. Write regularly. I now have a schedule I follow for my blogging, but I still need to schedule (and keep) a schedule for my fiction writing as well. I’m finding this makes writing easier, making it a habit.
  6. Writing towards a goal is great, but can also be overwhelming. Sometimes breaking things up to smaller goals works for many. For instance, writing a novel might deter some writers, but if you focus chapter by chapter, you’ll find the job easier.

What habits have you adopted along your journey you find helps you to work towards your goal?

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