Fun Friday: Self Publishing Good News

pen,stock,write-d43d056e1ad76582d96c93a950484bdb_hI read this article, Why Small EBook Presses are Thriving and How You Can Join Them, and such posts tend to make feel a bit giddy. I suppose it lends to my free spirit, which balks at traditions. I delight in the idea of people being able to put their writing, music, art, and other creative projects out there for the world to enjoy- without an industry to tell them they can’t make it.

Any writer can publish via the print-on-demand sites, as well as the numerous sites out there offering e-publishing. No editors deter you or reject your work.  This being said, it becomes all the more important to understand self-editing and to write an amazing story.

Crap will still not sell, and worse, if your writing gets bad reviews, this could potentially ruin your reputation as a writer. Great reviews, on the other hand, potentially lead to your work going viral.

Show your best- always. I encourage the writers in my writer’s group to always be mindful of their writing. This means a focus on proper grammar, punctuation, and for heaven’s sake, spell correctly. How will anyone take you seriously if you can’t master the skill of a writer?

Know how to format your manuscript. Even the print-on-demand or e-publishing sites have guidelines in which you need to follow.

Understand marketing online. Should you find yourself published through the traditional means, you still need to learn online marketing to get more sales. There’s plenty of books and web sites on the topic to self-study. 

Do you think you’ll try self publishing?


2 Replies to “Fun Friday: Self Publishing Good News”

  1. I just published a middle grade novel (Elsbett & Robin Take On A-Nasty-Sia, even though I thought I’d never go the self-publishing route…

    I have faith in the story, but not so much in my marketing abilities, and investing money in it is so nerve-wracking for a poor college kid!


    1. You could offer free copies to people if they provide a review for you. Also consider selling as an ebook. They sell for less, but people are more likely to buy them for their Kindles and e-readers.(
      Also consider getting a domain name (cost is about $5-$12 per year) and put that on letterhead, business cards, email signature files, etc.
      I will post some marketing ideas soon.


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